This was not what I expected but so much better than I could have hoped, I can’t wait to do more of this. – Jennifer G

Forget therapy, THIS is what the world needs! – Susan E

I wish I could start every day like this. – Casey B

I feel like I should do this regularly, I want to do this every weekend. – Rebecca K

Thank you Stephanie for an inspiring and well-facilitated walk the other day at Muttontown Preserve.  Looking forward to more forest bathing soon 🙂 Friends, check this out if you’re looking to engage in meditative nature walks with a supportive, compassionate, and thoughtful guide. She is doing great work and really helping to bring awareness to people’s relationship with the natural environment. -Adina R

I was very impressed with Stephanie as our guide. I really enjoyed this practice and believe connecting with nature in a mindful, focused manner is healthy for body, mind, and spirit. – Maxine S

On Monday, which also happened to be Earth day, I went on my first guided nature therapy walk with Stephanie as our guide. It was just me and 3 other girls so it was very intimate, but also spacious as we got to explore Muttontown Preserve at our own, individual pace. She invited us to just feel intuitively. To feel the air. The ground. Our physical bodies. The rain. The natural textures. She invited us to smell. To touch. To observe. It was nothing short of MAGICAL. 
When we would regroup, we would talk about what we were noticing. We shared with each other. It was amazing to me how easy it was for me to open up to these 3, well, strangers. We were all there with the same intent. To really immerse ourselves in the peace and serenity that nature has to offer us. 
At the end we talked and shared snacks and had a tea ceremony with tea leaves she harvested HERSELF. LIKE HOW COOL?!
There was so much that happened from start to finish that I’d be typing a novel. I’m still thinking about how amazing that experience was for me, and if you’re anything like me and are fascinated by the magic that nature has to offer us, I suggest following her. She is an INCREDIBLE guide. I am truly inspired by her.
Thank you again Stephanie for having me be a part of an experience that I will never forget! And I thank the two other girls who joined, the community made me feel so welcomed and I will definitely be in touch with all 3 of them. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me in all of this! –
Gina M

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