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The key to health lies within our relationships; with ourselves, with each other, and with all of life.

You Belong

Nature teaches us that we need diversity to thrive and survive. Every person is born with a unique design and together we make up the perfect inter-dependent whole. We are different ON PURPOSE and I believe the greatest act of service we can offer our community, is to embody our authentic self and claim our unique skills and gifts.

The tamed world we live in forces people away from individuation. Instead we are conditioned to cultivate personas, or social masks, related to who the tamed world has taught us we need to be, to be loved, accepted and ultimately to survive. The necessary defense mechanisms related to assimilation kept us safe and got us to this point, but if we identify with our personas and attach to these cultural stories too tightly, we may limit our evolution and block our ability to express our personal best health. When we don’t know ourselves and are estranged from our true nature, we will feel it. When we are living out of alignment from our truth, chaos ensues and disease follows.

Whether you are motivated by the prospect of feeling better or being able to contribute more to society, your wellness routine and self actualization is the first foundational step.

Cultural repair begins with individual healing.

We Heal Together.

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