Are you ready to connect?

The key to health lies within our relationships; with ourselves, with each other, and with all of life.

You Belong

I’m so happy you have found your way here, where all of you is welcome. This is a safe space for you to receive guidance and support in discovering your own medicine. We all serve a unique and necessary role in the collective experience, our differences are our strengths however, the realization that no one else is quite like you, can feel lonely and frustrating. I recognize the challenge that comes with this understanding when seeking to live our personal best health and life expression, that is completely individualized.

No one can tell you who you should be, what you should think, how you should act, who you should listen to, what healthcare regimen is best for you, how to restore balance to your life…. without your participation and insight. You don’t have to do it alone, it’s impossible to do it alone, but no one outside of you can possibly know your body better than you can. The truth is, no study or protocol is designed specifically for you, and because of this, in my humble opinion it is essential to provide more intimate personalized support for those looking to take care of their body and live a “healthy” lifestyle.
Health is personal and unfortunately, our current medical model doesn’t support this truth.

Can we learn from others without completely adopting what we discover? Can we call upon our intuition and self knowledge to support scientific studies and evidence based practices? It is wise to consider what data has been collected, what others have experienced and observed, while keeping a healthy distance and reflecting on how this applies to your unique circumstances. I believe it is necessary to develop an intimate connection to yourself, your intuition and establish self reliance that you can lean on for the duration of your life. You can and should receive guidance and support on this journey to ensure safety and efficacy in the implementation of tools and methods you choose to experiment with, not to mention the added benefit gained when working with another human that can offer alternative reflections and insight that you would not have seen alone. The right relationships serve the best medicine.

My goal is to act as a guide and a mirror to reconnect you with your true nature and serve as a bridge between the traditional medicine and alternative medicine community. I will share foundational health education, wellness practices, esoteric theories, supportive tools, and guidance that will help you to individuate and reveal your hidden authentic self. I will serve as a guide to help you connect to your body and all of nature, to tap into your personal navigation system and access your own inner compass. Living in alignment with your true nature is the path that will allow you to experience more health and wellbeing in your life.

Every person is born with a unique design that springs from the collective unconscious, synonymous with nature itself. The tamed world we live in forces people away from individuation, instead we cultivate personas, or social masks, related to who the tamed world has taught us to be in order to be loved and accepted. These necessary defense mechanisms kept us safe and got us to this point, it’s why we are here, but they come with their own consequences. Our separation from nature and truth is the core fundamental problem all disease, both personal and cultural. When we identify with our personas and attach to our stories, that aren’t actually ours, we prevent ourselves from evolving to the next phase of ourself, we block our ability to express our personal best health. When we don’t know ourselves and are estranged from ourselves and our true nature, chaos ensues, disease follows.

Whether you are motivated by the prospect of feeling better or being able to contribute more to society, your wellness routine and self actualization is the foundational step.

Cultural repair begins with individual healing.

We Heal Together.

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