Nature therapy

Stephanie is a Certified Nature Therapy Guide. She completed her training in June 2019 with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. She works with Nature to co-create a safe space to explore and experience what it is to be human. In these guided immersive experiences lies the opportunity to develop a deeper connection to the natural world and all beings that it encompasses. The aim of the simple and sensory activities offered on a “walk” is to create sustaining safe, meaningful, and relational contact between participants and Nature. Healing is not a sought-after goal but rather a common bi-product from the relationship established from these consistent and intentional interactions with Nature.

Let me guide you on a slow mindful walk, designed to help you drop into your body, into the present moment, and connect with nature in a way that promotes health and wellbeing for both you and the world around you.

There are no prerequisites, necessary fitness levels, or exclusions of any kind.

All are welcome!

See Facebook for upcoming nature therapy walks and nature connection related opportunities and register using Eventbrite.

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